Day: February 6, 2021

What can an article do to help you stand out on the internet?What can an article do to help you stand out on the internet?

You can improve the web positioning of your website and implicitly of business by using a variety of methods. These include internal SEO, articles on your blog, or so-called SEO advertorials.

No matter what industry they are in, all businesses must have a blog section on their website. If you are able to write interesting articles for clients and present them in a blog format, it can be a huge advantage.

SEO through articles

There are many ways to create articles on your blog that will improve SEO ranking in search engines. But before you begin writing diverse articles, here are some key details.

Which audience is this article written for?
What is the field of my interest?
Are my readers interested in the topic I am writing about?
Is my article accessible to the public?

There are many ways to position your corporate blog in digital marketing, but quality content is the most important thing. If the articles are not of high quality or questionable, it is best to limit your writing frequency to a maximum of four articles per day. A good rule of thumb is to write one article per day, but with high quality. If your articles are not relevant to your target audience, the same applies.

If you own a wholesale business that sells construction materials, for example, your articles should discuss concrete products, the quality and methods of application, or any other aspect of construction.

Keywords must be included in articles that are related to the topic. In the above example, keywords could be “quality building materials” and “sustainable building materials”, among others.

Google will penalize excessive keyword use. Exaggerating keywords in text can make it seem odd and unwelcoming to users and readers. Google will also penalize you for using too many keywords. Google scans everything online, so it is not uncommon to see large companies being penalized for keyword abuse.

These keywords are better than any other place.

These keywords are best placed at the beginning of the text. By default, they will appear in the first and third paragraphs. This is evident in the fact that the majority of people read the first line of an article. If they don’t find it interesting they will either press the “Go back” button or leave the page. These lines will grab his attention if he is interested. Otherwise, he will stop reading.

If you include two keywords in the first paragraph and another keyword that is relevant to your business, it’s enough. You can still include keywords in your article throughout, whether at the beginning or end, but you shouldn’t abuse it. If you are looking for secondary keywords, they can be helpful. However, synonyms of these keywords can also be useful, as this is how long tail keyword are created.

SEO is all about optimizing your articles.

Understanding your audience is key. Show empathy and understanding.
This structure creates H1 and H2 structures, and maximal H3.
Be aware of trends and select the topic that is most popular.
Optimize your text using the most relevant keywords

These growing trends are essential for SEO optimization and web positioning.